Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Isabella by Alexander Wijaya

A play by Amalia Yuanita Dewanti
Kamis, 14 Juni 2012
Ruang kelas 115

1. Goldy as extra king
2. Ammarsha as soldier
3. Bagas as soldier
4. Adilla as Beatrice (Felix's sister)
5. Amalia, the director of the play
6. Mei as maid
7. Avani as maid
8. Risya as Princess Isabella
9. Puto as Isabella's Mother (The Queen)
10. Ditho as Isabella's Father (The King)
11. Fikri as King Felix
12. Irfan as Prince Alexander
13. Nyoman as Boots the monkey
14. Me as the commander
15. Cila as maid
16. Ainy, the narrator
17. Bolang as Pepper (Felix's servant)
18. Deborah as the fire goddess
19. Anka as Edgar (Alexander's brother)

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